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Glen Run Nature Preserve was acquired in 2015 and offers 4 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails. 

The nearly 200-acre preserve is located just south of Stroudsburg and the view from Godfrey Ridge provides an excellent view of the city. The ridge also marks a watershed divide: with the northern portion of the preserve located in the McMichael Creek watershed and the southern in the Cherry Creek watershed. 

The foundation of the historic Churleigh Inn is located on the preserve, which also features as a picturesque lake nestled among the ridges. 

No hunting is allowed at Glen Run Nature Preserve.

The preserve is classified as special regulation waters with artificial lure catch and release only. 

Size: 182 Acres 

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Photos generously provided by Pocono Photo Club

Glen Run Nature Preserve 

740 Bangor Mountain Road 

Stroudsburg, PA 18360