The Pomeroy McMichaels Creek Nature Preserve, named in honor of the 3 generations of the Pomeroy family who owned the property, is a 70+ acre piece of land containing a pristine secion of the McMichaels Creek in Hamilton Township.

Located between Hickory Valley and Turkey Hill and connecting the Glenbrook/Hickory Valley and Turkey Hill/Quiet Valley greenway areas, a newly protected natural area has been added to this McMichaels Creek greenway corridor. With this recent acquisition that was decades in the making, Pocono Heritage Land Trust has added over 70 acres of newly preserved greenway landscape to this beautiful and interesting geologic ecotone of the McMichaels Creek valley.

This newly protected piece of a large scale ecotone, this transition zone between Pocono and Cherry Creeks watersheds,this wild natural landscape influenced by glacial till and limestone (calcareous) ledges, is now finally permanently protected piece of property along the beautiful McMichaels Creek.

Pomeroy McMichaels Creek Nature Preserve 

Hickory Valley Road 

Stroudsburg, PA 18360



Size: 70 Acres