This series of articles highlights the dedication and accomplishments of Pocono Heritage Land Trust in preserving important lands in the Poconos region.

Articles written by Carol Hillestad  |  Graphic design by Andrea Higgins

Kurmes Paradise Creek
Nature Preserve
"With land trust's help, family
saves 400 acres for all"

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Pomeroy McMichaels Creek
Nature Preserve
"Persistence plus 40 years form new Stroudsburg preserve"

Jonas Mountain Nature Preserve
"'Every trail sparks a story'
History preserved along with
Jonas Mountain's 417 acres"

Camp Trexler    
"'PHLT seeks to save Scout camp from from development"

A Day in the life of Scurrie T. Squirrel
"'A story for children and their grownups about the natural life in Pocono woodlands"

International Mountain Day
"Celebrate this ancient
land we love"

Cautionary Tale in Conservation
"'A handshake is not enough"
Lessons from Camp Trexler

For the littlest things in life
"Discover the vitality
o f vernal pools"

Upper Paradise Preserve
"Protecting and connecting 
a large part of this Paradise"

Whooooo's out there?
"A story for children and their
grownups about the owls"

What are we leaving
for the children?
Environmental rights in PA

Nature by numbers
"Preservation work benefits
local businesses and residents"

Barrett Conservation Easement
"A daughter's gift to the past
... and to the future"