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Sunday February 20 | 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Owl Prowl
Kurmes Nature Preserve

The most exciting and mysterious birds are owls. These voracious predators are nocturnal and secretive - which makes them both difficult to study and easy to enjoy. Pennsylvania is home to several owls including the great horned owl, barred owl, eastern screech owl, and the tiny northern saw whet owl. Join avian expert Jackie Speicher as we look for these elusive birds along the trails at Kurmes Nature Preserve. Dress for this event with layers of clothing for potentially cold winter weather,  and bring a flashlight to help guide the way. While we can’t promise to see an owl, we can promise a fun evening of birding!

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Due to the sensitive, quiet nature of owls, this event is not suitable for dogs or children under 12.

Get Directions to Kurmes Nature Preserve

335 Devils Hole Road

Cresco, PA 18326