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Update on the Sale of Camp Trexler's 755 Acre Forest

On May 25th, Minsi Trails Council announced the sale of the Trexler Scout Reserve (Camp Trexler). The property will be sold to a group called the Trexler Veterans Initiative, who will lease the property to the Valor Clinic, a veterans group located near the camp. The sale price is $7.8M.

While the news is disappointing for PHLT, we’re happy that the property will not be clear cut for residential housing or industrial solar development, and it is not under threat of becoming a solid waste facility. The council’s announcement indicated that the new owner is planning to protect the property from development, which PHLT hopes to play a role in. The Trexler Scout Reserve is a beautiful property, both aesthetically and ecologically, and very much worth saving from development.

The announcement also stated that the property would continue to be open to scout groups, which is great news. And, while this land will not be open to the general public as many of us had hoped, you can still explore PHLT's stunning 417-acre Jonas Mountain Nature Preserve, with high-quality springs and streams and one of the largest areas of unfragmented forest in Polk Township, located right across the road.

Camp Trexler Photo by
Boy Scout Robert Lubenetski, age 13

The support of the community – scouting families, neighbors, businesses and elected officials – has been nothing short of amazing. With your help, Pocono Heritage Land Trust will continue to protect important natural places in our extraordinary region for generations to come. To all of you who pledged, petitioned, and helped to share our mission far and wide -- we thank you for your commitment to protecting Camp Trexler. 

May 30, 2023