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Open to children 6 and above.

Welcoming Winter Walk at Pomeroy McMichaels Creek Nature Preserve

PHLT presents Natural Places and Open Spaces Walk #26: Welcoming Winter at PHLT's new Pomeroy McMichael Creek Nature Preserve

Local naturalist and PHLT Board Member Don Miller will lead a guided, educational walk on PHLT's newly acquired nature preserve.

Sunday, December 9, 2018     1:00 to 4:00

This next in the series of PHLT naturalist-guided NPOS Walks, a Welcoming Winter Walk, will be along the McMichaels Creek and (weather and safe footing permitted) on the unique side slope ledges of this new nature preserve that encompasses eighty acres of beautiful forested wild calcareous (limestone influenced) landscape.  Located on both sides of the McMichaels Creek and Hickory Valley Road from the upper boundary of Stroud Townships Glenbrook Golf Course and Hickory Valley Park Greenway to just below the Turkey Hill Road bridge to Quiet Valley, this new nature preserve is a treasure trove of interesting calciphyte plant communities, evidence of glacier and geologic influences and riparian flood plain and wild trout stream habitats.  We look forward to sharing it with you as the first public visitors to this newest protected natural history gem in the greenway necklace of the McMichaels Creek.


Nestled in between the high gradient freestone, glacial influenced and forested Pocono Creek valley and the low gradient limestone bedrock based and agricultural influenced Cherry Creek Valley flows the McMichaels Creek.  This major tributary to the Brodhead Creek and Delaware River represents the best of both of its neighboring stream systems as a transition between the high Plateau of the Poconos and the folded ridge valleys of the Appalachian Blue Ridge.  Ecologists have long recognized that often the most productive and interesting habitats for wildlife and plant diversity are ecotones, edges between two distinct habitats.  Just as where fields meet forests or wetlands meet dry ground, ecotones or edges (transition zones) between habitats are often very interesting paces to explore.  On a grander scale a similarly interesting landscape transition between the Pocono Creek and Cherry Creek valleys happens in the larger “geologic ecotone” of the McMichaels Creek valley. One of the best places to see and explore this grander landscape merge is in one of these folded valleys carved by the McMichaels Creek between Stroudsburg and Saylorsburg.  One of the many public access gems of this area is the Stroud Township protected greenway of the Glenbrook area along the McMichaels Creek just outside of Stroudsburg. 


Located between Hickory Valley and Turkey Hill and connecting the Glenbrook/Hickory Valley and Turkey Hill/Quiet Valley greenway areas, a newly protected natural area has been added to this McMichaels Creek greenway corridor.  With this recent acquisition that was decades in the making, Pocono Heritage Land Trust has added 80 acres of newly preserved greenway landscape to this beautiful and interesting geologic ecotone of the McMichaels Creek valley.  Join PHLT as we wander together to “Welcome Winter” and explore this newly protected piece of a large scale ecotone, this transition zone between Pocono and Cherry Creeks watersheds, this divide between upland plateaus and folded ridges, this wild natural landscape influenced by glacial till and limestone (calcareous) ledges and this new, now finally permanently protected piece of property along the beautiful McMichaels Creek – the new PHLT Pomeroy McMichaels Creek Nature Preserve.

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