Exploring the Brodhead Creek from Where the Brodhead Doubles at Stites Mountain to the Leavitt Branch Headwaters

Explore Brodhead Creek with local historian and fly fisher, Don Miller: Brodhead Creek from 'where it doubles' at Stites Mountain to Leavitt Branch headwaters. Broadhead Creek provides the drinking water for Monroe County and was one of the birthplaces of fly fishing. Join Don Miller on this guided hike to learn the history of fly fishing on Brodhead Creek, how the creek waters and fish were decimated by the tanning industry of the 19th century, and how the private fishing clubs brought it back by planting trees, protecting the land, and introducing trout species that now thrive in these waters. This walk will introduce both new residents and those 'born and raised' in the Poconos to the rich heritage of Brodhead Creek.  This event is free, donations accepted.

Directions:  https://goo.gl/maps/X1LzyGF76Tq 

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Walk-n-Talk on the Brodhead Creek

Meet at Brodhead Creek Heritage Center, ForEvergreen Nature Preserve |  Sun, September 30, 2018,  1:00pm - 5:00pm 


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