These are the current, existing bylaws for PHLT ~

PROPOSED Changes in RED to these bylaws, thanks!

Proposed changes regarding term limits and electronic meeting attendance, shown in red below...

Get YOUR nominations for Board Members to PHLT in soon!!!  Our bylaws state the following...

Nominations. Nominations of candidates for the Board of Directors shall be made by a Nomination Committee, pursuant to the provisions of Article VII. The nominations of the nominating committee shall be announced to the members by having the nominations enclosed with the notice of the Annual Meeting sent to all members pursuant to the provisions of Article III. Nominations of candidates for the Board of Directors may also be made by the membership by, at least twenty days prior to the date of the Annual Meeting of the members, notifying the Secretary of the Corporation of the consent of the nominee(s) and submitting a nominating petition naming the nominee(s) signed by at least ten members. Nominations shall not be made from the floor at the Annual Meeting.

The following PHLT board members are up for reelection:
Jeff Heberley
Linda Snyder
Frank Allen

PHLT Board Members Appointed Between 1/1/2017 ~ May 2018:

Kathleen Flynn
Mary Ellen Higgins
Rita Lacey
Robert Lovenheim
Elaine Madere
Bill McGlone
Ray Molina

We add one sentence to the end of Article IV Notice that says “The meeting notice shall state whether the meeting is to be a teleconference meeting or an in person meeting.”

Proposal to change the text in red below at the Annual Meeting to be held May 4th, 2018: