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We have a no-smoking policy at all PHLT land trust events, thank you!

Winter Tree and Wild Plant Identification at ForEvergreen Nature Preserve

Join local naturalist and long time PHLT /BWA volunteer, Don Miller on Sunday, February 23 for a talk and walk at Stroud Township’s ForEvergreen Nature Preserve and Brodhead Creek Heritage Center to observe and identify trees and wild plants as they wait out winter’s wrath for the inevitable return of Spring.

Wrapped in a blanket of snow, ice and northern cold, the multiple shades of summer greens and the brilliant colors of Autumn may have long faded, but there is still much to be seen and learned about nature and plants while exploring outdoors in the snow globe landscape of a Pocono Winter.

This program will be held both indoors and outdoors.  We will start indoors with a discussion of various nature guides, printed materials and a look at plant and tree samples to help ID commonly found trees and wild plants in Winter. Participants are welcome to bring sample of trees and wild plants from their backyard and neighborhood landscapes to use in learning the basics of Winter identification and to solve the “what is it mystery” during the indoor portion of this program.

We will then venture outdoors on the trails of FNP to see how cold climate plants protect themselves from and wildlife survives all the many ravages of winter as we all prepare for Spring’s inevitable return.  

Winter Tree Identification Workshop led by Don Miller

Sunday,  February 23rd

1:00 - 4:00 PM

Brodhead Creek Heritage Center 

1539 Cherry Lane Road 

East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

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